Hello everyone! I hope my post finds you all very good 🙂 For a couple of days, I am planning to write this article in which I am telling you why I love shopping in TK-Maxx so much and what do I shop the most in their shops.

I discovered TK-Maxx back when I was living in Dublin and with this occasion I am saying “Hello!!!” to all my dear friends based there xxx. Back then I was only 20-21 years old, very young, not that much into shopping and knowing so much about brands and what they offer. Even now I feel I know so little about all this extremely big fashion world…

So, I found out that the shop’s idea is to sell all these branded products of any type: from clothes and shoes to creams and personal hygiene products, kitchen stuff, etc. They also have these amazing ‘home decorations’. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the gentlemen who have their own area in the shop, as well as kids and babies. So it’s a shop for almost everything you have in mind. The prices are, of course, amazing!!! That’s why I am so enthusiastic writing this article.

The last thing I bought a couple of days ago are these amazing Clarks sandals. I simply love them. My friend Leen knows how much I’ve been waiting to find a pair of sandals in this specific style… I drove her crazy one day trying all the sandals in town ahahahha!!!

The sandals are, of course real beige leather, a very thick one, which I love. They both have a silver colour buckle attached to an elastic that makes them very comfy when walking. Also, as you can see in the pictures, they both have 8 metal bits, 4 on each side of the ankle.

They are classified as being high heel sandals but I am telling you that they are very comfortable even for a day at the office. The heels are very thick, giving great stability. They match very good both office and casual styles, as jeans or office suites, dresses or skirts, being somewhere in between these 2 styles.

They are retailed at 80 Euro but I bought them at 40 Euro <3 That’s why my dear ones, I love so much TK-Maxx.

So guys, that’s it for today, I really hope you loved the post.

Kisses, with love O.