Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you this spectacular, brand new palette from Urban Decay inspired from the very popular singer Gwen Stefani. I think you all know that once a brand chooses a celebrity and creates a product with his/her name on it, that means the product has the celebrity’s most beloved and defining shades, in our case for the eyeshadows. 

As you might not know, I have a passion for  the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and that’s why, the moment they started presenting the new Gwen Stefani Palette, “I must have this one !!” was on my mind. So, here I am now sharing my thoughts with you about this amazing, perfect and gorgeous product.

Starting with the packaging, I must say that it has a very unique design, glossy gold on the edges, black dots on a white background and of course the very special chic goldy plate graved with “UD Gwen Stefani”. When you open it, you will see a big mirror, everything you need for creating a perfect makeup, and on the mirror you’ll see written “Magic’s in the makeup” <3 First time I saw that I was thinking: “omg how cool is that ?” It really makes you want this palette doesn’t it? You can easily close the palette and it stays closed thanks to a magnet that is hidden in the case… very professional and neat.

What you will find inside the palette are 10 shimmery eyeshadows, starting with the one named “Blond” which is the most lightest shade and finishing with the “Serious” which is a dark shimmery grey. You will as well find 5 mat eyeshadows, starting with a beige tone, continuing with three brown shades and finishing with the most popular matte black. The colors are very easy to work with, they are super pigmented and they blend very easily. 

The palette was €55,00 and I got it in Douglas Berlin – Kurfürstendamm, click here for the official website. I find this palette to be a very professional product and definitely worth its money. You can definitely use it for natural makeup looks or very dramatic ones. It is also perfect for those of you who love to wear all kinds of smokey makeups.

Here you can see the swatches for all the shades.

I hope I answered all your questions about this palette and if not, feel free to ask me by filling the field below. I will make a video to better present the palette in front of the camera, and I will also use it in many of the makeup tutorials coming up on my YouTube channel.

I hope you found my review interesting and helpful. Till next time; take care and feel beautiful.

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