The foundation, has a nice glass bottle, with a very useful applicator that has a lid, so it will be always very clean which is very important. The applicator is one of those which you need to press and your product will be ready for use.

Personally, I don’t like the creamy foundations, I think they don’t feel so great on the skin and they are not that easy to apply on the skin, so I always check if the foundation is a liquid one. And if we are talking about the consistency I must say that I like the p2 because it is so easy to apply and it feels so good on the skin. The ‘lasting’ is very important too.

On the p2 foundation bottle says 24 hours. I must say I did not spend 24 hours with my makeup on lately, but on 12 hours my foundation was very good looking and I had nothing to complain about 🙂 If you check on my color you will see it’s a very dark one as well; I bought this foundation with the idea to use it for my contour routine and that’s why I got a 2 tone darker foundation.

The powder! Well, in the meanwhile I had lots of powders, No7, NYX, Sephora, etc. and when I tried for the first time the p2, I was simply delighted. The color that I chose was the perfect one for me, and after I’m applying the powder my face looks perfect. I must say that this powder is a mattifying powder, and I really recommend it for those who want a nice and smooth face for the entire day.

The concealer has good parts and bad parts (at least for me). For me ‘concealer’, means a product that is quite creamy. Now the p2 concealer, is not as creamy as I want it. When I am applying the product, I need to be very careful and not tap too much the product because eventually the skin will be, let’s say absorbing it. That is why I like the creamy ones. But maybe that’s something personal.

Now I want to say a couple of words about the color. My color is the 005 and I think it is a little bit to dark for me, but I don’t mind because I have this lighter foundation to use over my concealer and the problem is solved. P2 cosmetics, have only 2 colors on this type of concealers. One is darker than mine so I choose this lighter color.

Thank you for your visit.

With all the love.

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