My dear ones, today I will touch this very sensitive subject for a lot of us, better said I am going speak about organic products mostly for hair. About how we should take care of it and what exactly means an organic hair product.

Organic hair/skin/food products are products free from artificial fertilisers, they are NOT genetically modified, they are pesticides FREE and they are not over processed. Another very important thing is that the products are coming from more traditional farming techniques and from ecologic ecosystems. Why are all these things are so important? Because our skin absorbs everything that you put on it… in other words, the skin feeds itself just like a sponge when it receives water… it will absorb every chemical or every oil that you apply on it. It is not enough to eat healthy and that’s a fact. So you, my dear one, make sure that your skin as well as your body receives all the best. I WANT YOU TO STAY HEALTHY <3

Now talking about organic hair products, I know a lot of you guys are scared because you believe that all the organic products are expensive… well I’m telling you, it’s not like that at all. Of course there are expensive organic products out there on the market but today I am talking about products not more expensive than 3,50 Euro.

All the products I will present in this review are from the company called “dm“, so before starting I want to write a few words about the company. Dm is a German company that opened their first shop in 1973 in Karlsruhe (near Stuttgart-Germany). As we all know the German people are quite freaks when talking about “quality” (not mentioning what happened with AUDI last year :D) the Dm company started doing their own rage of organic – very affordable range of products called Alverde. The only thing I don’t really like about this range is that they, almost all, have alcohol inside. ATTENTION: the Cetostearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol or Cetylstearyl Alcohol are fatty alcohols that’s either produced from the end products of the petroleum industry, or derived from plants (palm oil-palmityl alcohol). Read more here.

So now you guys know that Cetyl Alcohol is actually a very good ingredient and don’t need to avoid it. So let’s start with the products:


  1. Repair – Hair Butter  “Repair – Haarbutter”   &   Repair – Hair Tip Fluid “Repair – Haarspitzen-fluid”

The Repair – Hair Butter has a very thick texture, exactly like a butter. How I apply it: I wash may hair and then I wrap it in a towel for 2-3 min (if you don’t soak the water out of your hair after washing, the butter will melt down together with the water from your hair), then I apply the mask, so this way if I want I can do my house stuff and leave it in for 30 min or more… the way I feel. The whole idea is to leave the product on the hair longer than 10 min and to make sure it stays in the hair, this way, it will do its job.

The price for this product is 3,45 Euro and you can see the ingredients here.

The Repair – Hair Tip Fluid is a very good product for those of you who have problems after washing… you know… knots in the hair… very hard to brush, etc. So I use it after I wash before blow-drying my hair, I think it can be used even after you blow dry your hair if you feel like it.

The price for this product is 2,45 Euro and you can see the ingredients here.

I love both of these 2 products very much, but my favourite is definitely the butter.


2.  Nutri – Care Conditioner  “Nutri – Care Spülung”  &  5in1 BB Care – Mask  “5in1 BB Haarmaske”

The Nutri – Care Conditioner I use it in the same way as the Repair – Hair Butter (see no 1.) the only difference is that I don’t leave it in more than 5 min. I love the fact that it’s based on soy oil and leaves the hair very soft and moisturised but not as moisturised as a cosmetic hair product would, so you should go in with a tips fluid or a hair oil just to hydrate it more.

The price for this product is 2,25 Euro and you can see the ingredients here.

The 5in1 BB Care – Mask is a beauty of a mask. Same thing: apply it after you wash your hair, absorbing all the water with a towel for 2 min. Leave the mask on as long as you can, at least 15 min, I would say. It also has the same Soy Oil extract and it is based on Glycerine and does miracles with the hair… it really does. It did miracles with mine so… <3 You can use this product instead of the Butter (see no. 1), like once a week or so.

The price for this product is 1,25 Euro and you can see the ingredients here.


3.  Nutri – Care Hair Oil  “Nutri -Care-Hairöl”

The Nutri – Care Hair Oil is a very rich oil having a huge quantity of glycerine Soy Oil, Argan Oil and many other amazing oils that your hair needs in order to be healthy and shiny. It can be applied on the tips of the hair after blow drying or before washing. I prefer using it before washing. Actually, I apply it on all my hair in the evening and leave it on till the morning when I wash my hair. And I know you guys think it can get messy doing that because you will get all your bed dirty with oil, but be smart and put a towel underneath your head and you can have your beauty sleep as always. I really love this oil <3

The price for this product is 2,95 Euro and you can see the ingredients here.


So guys, this was my review, I really hope you find it very interesting.

Till next time, take care <3

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