Hey guys! Today I wanna talk about my new discovery in terms of face creams/serum. At the moment I’m testing a few creams and today I wanna speak about this serum from Kueshi.

This is a moisturizing serum, perfect for normal-to-dry skin, has a very natural perfume and it is very quickly absorbed by the skin which I absolutely love.

As the name says, the serum contains caviar which is a powerful restorative due to its rich amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, E and H as well as phosphorus. Contains triglycerides, sterols, phospholipids and many other fatty acids together with the lauric, myristic, palmitic , oleic and linoleic acids, etc. Contains as well olive oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil.

I must say that after applying it, my skin is getting very hydrated and very smooth… and the aroma it has… mmm.. you just wanna smell it forever. ❤

It comes in a gorgeous pink glass bottle and very hygienic pump that will always stay clean because of the plastic  cap.

So “YES” girls, this serum is really worth the money!

You can find it in Tk-Max or on e-bay! The price I paid was around €10,00 so it’s quite affordable for everyone if you can find it on sale… if not, the price can be between €20,00 – €30,00.

Till next time, enjoy life… enjoy beauty.

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