Good day everyone!

Today I have the pleasure to write about beautiful Michelle Skierka on my blog. She is a fashion blogger based in Berlin (you can get to her website here) that I had the pleasure to meet on social media (Instagram). After a few months we met face to face and so we had this collaboration together.

Because she has this very beautiful, angelic face, I choose to create a more smooth makeup look. As you can see, she wears no eyeliner, instead I used a very dark grey eyeshadow in order to enhance her eyes and to give her a bit of drama as she is not so used to wearing so much makeup. On the eyes, I used the Gwen Stefani Palette by Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The base was a full coverage foundation, MAC Mineralize Foundation and on the lips I used my favourite long lasting lipstick by Kiko Cosmetics in a very plummy shade and… voila.

She totally loved the look, and it was a perfect for her outfit shooting and dancing night that she went to afterwards that day.

I hope you guys love the look <3

Thanks for passing by.

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