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Hello again. These days I heard a lot of questions starting with: “What’s the difference between…” and today I want to talk all about differences, and to do that, I choose to compare these two wonderful makeup foundations, one by Lancome – Teint Miracle and one by MAC – Matchmaster.

Both of them are amazing products that gave me new makeup experiences and totally changed my idea about foundations so far.

The oldest from those 2 is the MAC – Matchmaster, and I have this product since last year but I must say that I don’t use just one foundation, usually I have 3-4 foundations in my collection and I don’t use them every day. So, after my friend Aoife brought me this beautiful foundation from Berlin (at that time I wasn’t living in Berlin), she totally changed my idea about makeup (thanks Aoife!!!<3).


With the MAC – Matchmaster I saw a huge difference, the coverage was amazingly beautiful, very smooth looking; I finally had a foundation that stayed in place more that 7 hours, and I felt confident because every time I wore it, it made a huge difference for me. The texture is not such a liquid one like you will find on Lancome Teint Miracle which means this foundation goes pretty good with persons that have normal skin or normal to oily skin, it is also a build-able foundation. If you expect this foundation to have a beautiful smell you will be totally disappointed because it does not. You can apply this foundation with a sponge, a synthetic brush or simply your fingers. After I used it a couple of times, I noticed that after 5-6 hours I felt my skin a bit dry, thing that I didn’t like, so, I started to look for another foundation that doesn’t do that.

Lancome-Teint MiracleLancome-Teint Miracle

And BANG! I found the Lancome Teint Miracle, and for me, it’s not only a Miracle, but a hope for all the girls that have dry skin like me, because on us, this foundation is really doing miracles. I have this foundation since May this year but I used it a lot so I can tell you my opinion. First of all I need to specify that the texture is a really liquid one so you don’t need a lot of product to have a decent coverage, you can easily build it and insist in different problematic areas. You can use a sponge to apply it or better: a synthetic brush. I am using my Zoeva Brush 102 and my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and I am completely in love with the feeling that these products are giving me and the experience is absolutely fantastic. I would not recommend you to apply this foundation with your fingers because I feel it’s too liquid, but if you feel comfortable you can do it however you want. This foundation has a very nice and discrete smell that I am sure you will love.

As a conclusion, if you are a dry skin person, I am definitely recommending you the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, but if you are a normal to oily skin, better try the MAC Matchmaster, because that will get you to keep your skin more dry over the day and always, but always use a powder set together with your foundation.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed my review/post and I hope to have you over next time for more reviews and tips.

With a lot of love!

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