So guys, as I didn’t do any video regarding the June Glossy Box here I am showing you what I love the most from what they sent me.

As you already saw, they finally sent us the “animated” box or the “custom” box…  the way I love to name it, the same as in the U.S.A. (probably they heard us complaining about it hihihi), so I must give them a very huge thumbs up because I really like the box.

I must say that the box was a truly success (at least for me) and the products that I love the most are:

Kneipp Lotion Mousse which is a fantastic mousse, perfect for summer. Why perfect? Because it has this amazing texture, not at all greasy or oily, that you will never feel on your skin, is a vegan product that contains no chemicals or parabens and so I believe it’s perfect for hot summer days.

You know how much I love makeup products, so the next thing I really love is the puroBio eyeshadow Palette, which is a gorgeous neutral shades palette, that has even a black eyeshadow for more dramatic look, so it’s perfect as a day by day product as it is a BIO cosmetic.

Next thing that I really love is the Zartgefühl Facial Soap as I know their products from another Glossy Box. That time they sent us a Feet Soap, which was amazing, and now I can’t wait to try this beauty of a soap. I have great expectations now, and I think I will be very pleased when trying it. This is a natural ingredients soap guys so make sure you check out the online-shop.

The last product that I believe is fantastic si the Hey Honey Facial Serum. And now that I read the Ingredients list I am totally disappointed because it’s not a natural based product, it is actually a product that costs 15 Dollars and has inside the most cheapest chemical on the market as the 5th ingredient, which means that the quantity is quite big… uhh I guess that happens.

The 5th product that I received are the Hair Gums from Papanga which I think they are nice but not necessary if that makes sense.

So guys that was quite it with this Impressions Post.

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Thanks for passing by.

With love O.


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