I must say I love to do my eyebrows every day. I started doing them 3-4 years ago, and I loved the way it changed my physiognomy. Since then, I am experimenting all the time something new.

At the beginning I used only an eyebrow pencil, a very light brown, and I think the brand was Miss Sporty, but I am not quite sure of that.

Then, I started contouring my eyebrows with the pencil and then I applied a darker brown to fix the pencil, then my eyebrows looked much more interesting than before.

Until almost 10 days ago, I used the pencil and the eyeshadow, that was before buying my Sleek Brow Kit Light 817 that I am in loved with. I bought it approximately 10 days ago and since then I must say that this kit makes my life much more easier.

Sleek Brow Kit Light 817Sleek Brow Kit Light 817

The kit includes a ‘wax’ and an angled mini-brush that helps me to contour my eyebrows very, very quickly. The mini-brush is a synthetic one so it slips very easy on my skin and the wax is a light brown.

The second step let’s say, is the “filling in” of the empty spaces, and I am doing this with the setting powder and the mini-brush for this powder, as well a synthetic one from the same eyebrows kit. Of course you can use any other brushes to apply the wax and the setting powder, as long as you feel comfortable.

The kit includes a mini-tweezer, that I never used, I must say. But you never know when you have an emergency and that will be your saviour haha. It also includes a mirror, and this very nice and simple black case.

So for the moment this kit is the no. 1 for me in making my eyebrows. I’m getting them done in about 3 min.

A tip that I have for you if you want those very good shaped eyebrows… use a concealer pencil like the one in the photo below, it does’t need to be a p2, you can use any other brand. After you finish with contouring and filling in the empty spaces, just go with this concealer and illuminate your eyebrows all around. Then you will see that your eyebrows will have a very nice and perfect shape. So that’s the way your eyebrows will stand out very nicely, all day long.

p2 Illuminating touch concealerp2 Illuminating touch concealer

I hope you enjoyed my article, and if you have any other questions, or if you want to see any other products just let me know by posting a comment bellow and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for being here.
With all the love.

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