Hello everyone!!! Are you ready for Halloween? 

I believe a lot of you guys already went to the Halloween parties… so did I! I received an invitation to attend this Halloween party hosted by Rent24 Germany, and even if I am not a very big fan of parties anymore, I decided to give it a try as it sounded more like a “cocktail night” than a party. 

Rent24 is a company that offers co-working spaces. They are active in many cities in Germany and not only. The offices that they own are extremely well done, the design being one of the bests I saw, actually everything, every corner is thought by an entire team of artists and designers.

From me, they have a HUGE THUMBS UP! If you are interested in setting up a work space for yourself or your team, feel free to contact them here

So, going back to the party, I got there a bit earlier than I was supposed to, but the guys from Rent24 received me as I was part of the family. It wasn’t my first time attending their events, so they already knew me. This time the party was right where the offices are located and I must say that the decor was just amazing. I presume that they put a lot of time and effort into putting up the Halloween decor as you can see from the photos.

Everything was excellently organised. From appetizers to pizza and free cocktails included, masks, fake blood and a lot of drama going out! —it was a Halloween party after all, wasn’t it? The DJ was rocking it all evening and they even had a “surprise moment” with Isabella Luna. She created a great atmosphere on Amy’s Winehouse music. 

We had a great time, meeting nice people and enjoying everything that the team prepared for us. 

So that was my Halloween experience with Rent24 Germany that I wanted to share with you guys.

Thank you for passing by.

See you next time!

With love O.