Elizabeth Arden Kit

Hand cream!

The hand cream it’s a very moisturizing one. Once you apply it, it will go immediately into your skin. I really recommend it after you girls, do your manicure, because it will heal your skin right away. I prefer to use this cream over the night, so I will not wash my hands and the cream can work properly.

Eight hours cream!

I found this cream very thick and oily and that is why I use it only when I’m home and in the night time. The cream is perfect for the time when you scrub your skin and it gets to have a pinky tone, for example if you apply it on the night time, it will calm your skin that much that in the morning it will look perfectly clean and hydrated. Of course for a person that has oily skin I think will be a nightmare to use this cream and I don’t really recommend doing so.

The balm lipstick.

I really recommend the lipstick for everyone!!! Especially if you have your lips all the time dry and even if you don’t it’s perfect to be used before applying your lipstick. That way your lips will be nice, soft and very hydrated for the rest of the day. So what can I say more than: go for it girls!!!

That was all about the Elizabeth Arden New York Kit. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I invite you to write your opinion down below.

With all the love.

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