Eco Tools Kabuki vs Claires Kabuki

Maybe you are asking “why vs.” ? Because it is so hard for me to find a difference between these two brushes.

As you can see, the two of them are looking fantastic. Now, the EcoTools Kabuki is definitely looking more professional than the Claire’s Kabuki but that is not a very important detail, at least not for me. In fact, each time when I use the pink kabuki, it’s giving me a huge smile because of its colour (I think its really funny).

Speaking about the design, The E.Tools Kabuki has a wood handle, in a natural color and a synthetic belly, and the Claire’s Kabuki has the same wood handle but painted in white and a pink belly. Both brushes are very soft and thick which is a very important thing for a kabuki. Usually, the kabuki brushes are used to apply powder or bronzer on the skin but I like to use them for applying powder on my face. I think they are very easy to use and I like the way I finish everything very quickly. I don’t like the huge powder brushes that’s why I will always have something that will be on this size or smaller. I think that those two brushes are everything that a girl needs for her powder routine.

So if you are interested to buy a brush that is not that expensive you can easily go for the Claire’s Kabuki (Price 8.95 Euro)

But if you want a more professional looking brush you would go for the EcoTools – Domed Bronzer Brush (Price 17.99 Euro)

So here you have my review about these two brushes. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I will see you next time with many many reviews and tutorials.

With all the love.