Finally I got to write this review for you my loves <3 As you can see this post is about the Dr. Hauschka products (Foundation, Compact Powder, Blush and Concealer) and I’m gonna share with you my thoughts about these products.

You must know that Dr. Hauschka is a natural cosmetics company that produces natural medicines without using alcohol as a preservative.

As I mentioned I received 4 products and I’ll take them one by one. For more infos about the products please click on the names.


1. Dr. Hauschka Compact PowderDr. Hauschka Blush


Before anything I must tell you guys, that the cases are AMAZING. If you check out the photos, you can see how beautiful they look, black and shiny, with mirrors… ohhhh… a dream.

Ok now going back to the real review i want to tell you that I really like their blush. It is so pigmented and so light on the skin that it makes me believe I have nothing on. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you know how it looks on the face and I am telling you, this is an amazing blush. Totally Love it. The shade that I have is in 02.


The Compact Powder… it is ok, but kind of dries my skin a little and that’s the only reason why I can’t say I love it. The rest is very nice, the texture, it gives a very natural finish to the face, makes a great job in setting my concealer and foundations so it’s a Thumbs Up for it even if I must be super careful with the quantity that I apply.


2. Dr. Hauschka Foundation 02 

The first thing I want to mention about this foundation is that has a very strong and nice smell of medicinal plants. It has lots of natural extracts from different tips of seeds and it doesn’t harm your skin. The only thing that I don’t like from all the ingredients is the alcohol… it’s the second ingredient so it has a big quantity of it.


Going on the “how workable” is this product, I have a big minus for them. I find the texture too creamy, that dries very fast and is not really workable. Once you apply it on your skin it’s drying instantly (see the swatches).


Now I must say that the color I received it’s too dark for me but that’s not the point in here, the point is that makes my face full of marks… like I’m somehow dirty uhhh. But I am still working to find a way to apply it NOT to give up on it.


3. Dr. Hauschka Coverstick 03 (Concealer)


This concealer is as the name says a cover stick. It has a very creamy consistency and a good coverage too (see the swatches). I would say a medium to full coverage. It’s very easy to blend and it’s quite long lasting if you set it very good.


The color that I have matches very good my skin tone but unfortunately it doesn’t help me with the dark circles underneath my eyes just because I need a color similar to apricot to hide those bloody spots. Ohh well… life 🙂 And yes guys, I really think that the concealer is a very good thing to have if you want an organic product.


So my loves that was my review about the Dr. Hauschka products. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you for passing by. Love ya! <3


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