Hi girls. It’s quite hard for me to write about this Bdellium makeup tools because I had such a bad experience with them but that’s life, I’d better share this with you before someone gets disappointed the way I did. First of all I must say that I have brushes that are more than 2 years old and I had no problem with them so far.

I must tell that when I bought these Bdellium brushes I was so so excited, later to discover that those brushes are low quality and don’t last even for 3 washes. Why I’m saying this? Because after 3 washes, the handles cracked. The brushes are the 785 and the 787 (yellow handle both). Of course, you can easily damage your brushes if you don’t wash them and dry them correctly. But that wasn’t my case because I didn’t leave them in water while washing them, and I dried them carefully hanging them so the water can easily get out from the bristles. Anyway after just 3 washes I had 2 cracks on each brush as you can see in the photos below.

The same, the bristles were quite dry from the beginning (thing that I didn’t like) but I said to myself “let’s see what they can do”, so when I tried them I was quite satisfied. You can do a very nice job with them but be careful and all the time when you wash them, do that with a baby shampoo or a very soft cleaning solution so that the bristles don’t get even more dry.

Anyway, when I saw that the handles cracked I immediately e-mailed the shop where I bought them from and they were really kind and replaced them with another 2 identical Bdellium brushes. So next time, when I will wash these new ones I will record the washing and the drying, and if they crack again, then that means it wasn’t just a bad luck for me but for all their customers.

So if you ask me if I would recommend this brushes to anybody my answer would be definitely NO! Maybe I will change my opinion later, and if I do so, I will definitely write it here.

I hope you find this topic very important. Thanks for reading. Here you have another opinion about the bdellium brushes: green make-up
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