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This is the review for this pinky brushes from Claire’s Store. I must say that when I first entered their shop, I thought that it is actually, a kids shop because almost everything was pink 🙂 Then, I saw some nice accessories, and a full range of cosmetics products. From brushes (black, pinky, with shiny stones, with animal print, flowers etc.) to eye shadows and lips products.

They also have a huge range of nails products, but now I want to talk about these brushes (see photo). The thing that I loved the most was that I could actually see the brushes out of the wrapper because they don’t have a seal. I was very curious to see the powder brush and the kabuki brush and because Claire’s shop had a promotion: get 3 and pay for 2, I choose another set of mini brushes ‘6 Pack Neon Bright Make Up Brush Set‘. So lets take them separately.

The kabuki brush is a very nice and fluffy brush. Has this nice pink belly which is very soft, a metallic grey ferrule and a nice white handle made of wood. The belly is very thick, which is a great thing for a kabuki. It has synthetic brushes and the handle is big enough for doing a great job with it. The proportion of materials used for this brush are 60% Wood, 20% Metal, 20% Polyester. I am always using the kabuki for applying the powder, and I compared this Claire’s kabuki with the one that I have from Eco Tools (which I also love a lot). I will write a review in which I will compare these two kabuki later, and I will tell you my opinion.

The powder brush has the same color and the same materials used in the kabuki, but this one has a longer handle and longer synthetic brushes, so it helps you to apply your powder faster. For those who have dry skin I think it is a perfect brush to have in your collection because it is soft and doesn’t exfoliate the skin.

6 Pack mini-set6 Pack mini-set

The ‘6 Pack Neon Bright Make Up Brush Set‘ has 6 brushes, an angled brush, 2 flat eye shadow brushes, a powder brush, an eyebrows brush and a sponge eyeshadow applicator. They have pink handles and black ferrules. I find the eye shadow brushes very nice, and useful, I think that’s why I choose to have this set for free. I think the eyebrows brush is nice as well. What I don’t really like is the powder brush, as it is not thick enough and it is kind of rough. I think I can’t use this brush at all. The sponge eyeshadow applicator is nice for those who love using this kind of applicators… to be honest I don’t really like them, maybe on some special occasions.

My opinion related to these brushes is that they are really worth the money and if you don’t want to invest a lot in your brushes but you want a decent collection, I sincerely recommend them.

Here you have a link with all the brushes from Claire’s Store.

I hope this review will prove itself helpful.

Thank you for your time. With all my love.

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