I chose to do this review just because I know that lately, girls prefer to use a BB cream or a CC cream instead of a foundation and I totally agree with this. Today I will talk about this Catrice BB Allround Foundation Multi-Benefit.

Before I start, I must specify that my skin is dry and this BB cream really moisturizes because it contains almond oil so I found it very useful for me. At the same time, it reduces shine which is a very good thing because I don’t like to have a shiny skin at all.

This BB cream offers you a medium coverage that will last at least 12 hours (I had it on for only 12 hours so far). I like it very much because it has these light reflecting-pigments that illuminate your skin and makes it look very fresh and at the same time it protects your skin thanks to the UV integrated filters so it will be just perfect for summer time.

You can apply this BB cream with your hands, a sponge or a brush.
I really recommend this product for everyday usage.

The price for this product is 5.99 Euro. You can get it from here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and if you did, please share.

With all the love.

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