Welcome back everyone. Today I was thinking to share with you my impressions about the BeYu cosmetics products. As you can see my collection is quite large so now that I got the chance to test this brand, I want to let you know what I think about their products.

First of all, I want to tell you that I was testing these products in the past 2 months or so. In Germany, and I think in all Europe you can easily find them in Douglas.

The second thing I want to tell you is that I will make 2 big categories with: the products I like and with the products I don’t like or that are not matching my skin type.

Rouge à lèvres

So I was thinking to start with the lipsticks and lip pencils and I must say that I love them very much. The lipsticks are very moisturising and at the same time they very pigmented. I used them in winter time so that was perfect.

Soft Liner

The lip pencils Soft Liner 578 and 685 are both  very nice, even if they are a bit too hard to apply… that doesn’t necessarily bother in case of self use. Of course when working on clients, I would prefer them to be a bit softer. But I still love them very much. My favourite combination is now Rouge à lèvres 359 with the Soft Liner 578.

Love combining those.

The lipsticks that I have in my kit are:

Rouge à lèvres 272, 359 and 311

Hydro Star Volume Lipstick 402 and 368

Next, I will be talking about the Velvet Mat Oil Free Foundation and the Tinted Beauty Moisturizer BB Cream UVA+SPF25.

Velvet Mat Oil Free Foundation and Tinted Beauty Moisturizer BB Cream UVA+SPF25

The one thing I love is the BB cream. Because I have normal to dry skin, this product works perfect for me. It moisturizes my skin and gives it the very light cover that I need for the day and because it’s an SPF25, it will protect my skin from the sun even in the summer time. It has a very light texture and because of that I can apply this product with my fingers.

The Velvet Mat Oil Free Foundation has a very light formula. It has a matte finish and a very important thing about it: it is oil free. Also it’s a long-lasting product and it really stays on my skin very nice over the day. I love this product because it is definitely matching my skin type!!!

Catwalk Star Eyebrow Powder

Another product I want to talk about is the Catwalk Star Eyebrow Powder in shade 353.3 This product is excellent for those of you who don’t like cream based products for contouring your eyebrows. It comes in 3 shades: from a very light brown to a dark brown-grey one. So it will match almost all types of eyebrows (even mine which are very blond).

Catwalk Powder Blush

A very pigmented product from BeYu Cosmetics is the Catwalk Powder Blush and I have it in shade 374.55 which is a pinky pigment very easy to be blended. I love the case as well, as it has a mirror and a small brush, perfect to keep it in my handbag.

Light Reflecting Concealer & Hydro Miracle Concealer

Speaking about concealers, I can say that they are super buildable. The Light Reflecting Concealer has a very light texture, and can be easily used as highlighter. Mine is in shade 3 and I use this one all the time for highlighting. On the other side, the Hydro Miracle Concealer has a more creamy texture, it is more pigmented and offers a better coverage; it has a very nice package and it’s very easy to use.

Now going to the “What I don’t like” section, here I will expose 2 products:

Perfect Teint Makeup Base

First of them is the Perfect Teint Makeup Base. Why? Because it dries out my skin very badly and gives me a very bad sensation. So if you are normal to dry skin I would not advice you to buy this product. It may result in a waste of money.

Eyeshadow Base

The second product is the Eyeshadow Base which is way too creamy instead of being sticky… if you understand what I mean. It has a very soft shimmer which I find nice but it really doesn’t do a “base job” at all. It is just like a simple cream that you apply on your lids.

So guys, that was my impression about the BeYo Cosmetics products. If you have some more questions please leave them in the field bellow.

Till next time.


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