Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. Finally I took the time to share this amazing experience that I had at the Berlin Fashion Week 2016 events.

First I wanna say a big “Thank you!!” to my friend Alina Barbu (she is a makeup artist based in Berlin) for inviting me to participate at the Beauty & Fashion Lounge Berlin hosted by Marriott Hotel, this event being part of the Berlin Fashion Week, where she was one of the makeup artists for BeYu Cosmetics. There, I got to know all the companies participating to this event and of course the beauty lounge that was just amazing. You will see the photos of each company that was present in this beauty & fashion lounge and made this event so succesful. Basically, the people that were coming in based on appointments were quite interesting people like: beauty bloggers, actors, singers and all kinds of celebrities that later were expected to participate at the private events hosted by Berlin Fashion Week 2016.

The Beauty Lounge Berlin was possible thanks to Reichert + Communications GmbH, as the company was the organiser of this event. The lounge had a spot with 6 hairdressers from Newsha , the skin care was hosted by Beauty Beee GmbH and Skin Ceuticals , the makeup corner was occupied by BeYu Cosmetics with its team of four makeup artists, next was the spot for nails, this time by Anny Cosmetics and the last but not least, was the Luxus Lashes for permanent extreme lashes. Thinking that traveling is so important for making one’s life beautiful, at the entrance of the lounge I found the traveling agency JT Touristik ready to put you on a flight to Dubai. Here, you have some fotos from the Beauty Lounge Berlin 2016.

The gentlemen attending this event were taken care of by J.T. Dupont, American Crew and many others. Everyone was very nice and kind, ready to help and provide you with explanations.

Going to the Berlin Fashion Week 2016, I must say, was an amazing experience. The brands had very luxurious shops designs, from palm trees to fancy crystal chandeliers, basically everyone was ready to show the best they had.

After looking around I went to the special #fashiontech event where I attended the “Snapchat” presentation on how tremendously important is this app for the social media ecosystem, particularly vlogging and staying in contact with your followers and how this app was and still is so viral and why. It was very interesting to hear all that and there were a lot of people taking notes and posting live updates about what was happening there.

So that was it from my experience on “Berlin Fashion Week 2016”. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it and somehow felt that you’ve been there in a way or another.

All the best 💓

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