It’s been a week since the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week and today I finally finished writing about this fantastic event and its backstage. Maybe some of you have already seen the videos and photos I posted on my Instagram account, but today I want to give you some more insights about this wonderful event that grows each year more and more.

Before I start, I want to say a big “Thank You” to Melanie M. from Yeay GmbH, for sending me the invitation for the show. Yeay was one of the top sponsors for the B.A.F.S events together with Air Berlin. Talking about Yeay, I want to tell you that it is an app that you can download for free, or, if you read this on your laptop, just check it out here . The basic idea is that you can create a video in order to sell some items that you are actually wearing in that video. So with other words, if you are a small designer, or just want to sell some stuff, you can make a short video and upload it on Yeay. I think it’s a great idea and the app is just amazing. Check it out, you will see a lot of nice things there, and maybe, why not, buy something.

Now going back to the event, I must tell you that it was a great experience. The collections were fabulous, there were big names on the stage that day, the models and the crew were amazing, literally everyone was smiling. 

From everything I saw, the collections that I loved the most were: George Styler, Nicholas Nybro, ZWYRD by Grzegorz Marcisz and NIXI KILLICK. Surely, it was a lot of work involved, mostly from the designers and the crew that made everything possible. The looks were fabulous, eccentric, very well done. All the small details were there, the hair stylists were just amazing, together with the makeup team. The masks that they needed to create were very on point. They really made the show look and feel incredible.

You can find out more from the photos below, first being from the backstage and then the stage. Enjoy. 

  • Camelia Roma Bags/Packaging
    Camelia Roma Bags/Packaging
  • Asos Spring Haul + Trying On | Makeupillusion
    Asos Spring Haul + Trying On | Makeupillusion
  • Berlin Fashion Week 2016 ~ Beauty & Fashion Lounge Berlin
    Berlin Fashion Week 2016 ~ Beauty & Fashion Lounge Berlin