Hi everyone and welcome back on my blog. Today I finally took the time to write about the great experience I had while attending the “Base Module Makeup Course” at Makeup Atelier Paris – Germany. First I want to tell you that this makeup school is based in Nürnberg, Germany, led by Nelly Morena, a very talented makeup artist that studied and learned about makeup art in Paris at Makeup Atelier Paris. The course I attended took 5 intensive days, from the morning till 5 p.m. and I loved the fact that even if the schedule was till 5 p.m. Nelly never told us to hurry up. She was all the time there for us, explaining and showing us again and again and again. There were days when we finished at 6 p.m. and she never made us feel we must hurry or leave it for the other day. She is a very professional woman and this is my way of saying “Thank you Nelly for everything you tought us!”.

At the very beginning of the course, I must say, I was very impressed to realise that makeup is not about having thousands of brushes neither thousands of products… makeup is all about having talent and then, when there is a possibility, having a few necessary high quality products. So to be more specific, Nelly worked all the time with about 6-7 brushes from which 3 were for the face finish, 3 for the eyes including the eyeliner one, one for the eyebrows and she used a specific one for contouring the nose, but that can be easily replaced with one of the brushes mentioned above. The point that I want to share with you guys is that if you know how to use your brushes at 100% of their capacity you can definitely create a super high professional makeup with about 6-7 brushes ONLY. 

The brushes we used at the course were all natural hair bristles and here I learned that it is so much easier to work with small brushes than big fluffy ones (even for blending). I was amazed to realise that 80% of the brushes I bought so far were NOT NECESSARY… and they are so much of a money waste. I came back home and got 3 more brushes… because I wasn’t used to work with small brushes till that point. Why did I like so much these small brushes? Because when applying an eyeshadow, imagine now you have a big brush, so to say, a normal one and you are working with 3 colours. When you apply the colours, aren’t you having, at least some times, the problem of taking off the very light colour when applying the next one just because you don’t have that very good precision? Now, when using a small brush, I will apply the colours very gentle and blend them not more than I need… so that my dear ones, you can make it with a small brush without being afraid you are over blending and your colours will eventually disappear. So that’s one of the most important things that I learned from Nelly. 

The products that we used were, of course, all from Makeup Atelier Paris. The ones that I loved the most were the concealer palettes which are just amazing (I will write a review as soon as possible about the one I bought for my kit), and the eyeshadow palettes which are fantastic. They are very pigmented, very easy to blend. I got one special palette that you will see later in the reviews section. I also got 3 Makeup Bases: Base Hydratante – Moisturising base, Base Antishine, and Base Eclat – Skin Perfector which is a shiny base perfect for mature skin, wrinkled zones. Another #musthave product (must have for me) from them was the T-zone gel. Why must have? Because I already had a very weird experience at the course and this gel saved my day. One of my models had a very different type of skin on the T-zone, so after I applied the base and then the foundation, her skin got so dry that the foundation turned almost white. What did I do? I needed to remove all her makeup and to start all over again, but this time I used the T-zone Gel as a barrier between her skin and the products. This gel is based on silicon and does an excellent job in covering the pores, filling in the fine wrinkles and creating this silky barrier. So that’s a #mustahave for me guys.

At the course we learned 5 types of makeup looks: 

Nude look

Beauty makeup

Smokey eyes for day and night

Cut crease look (Bride look)

Anti-age Makeup

In the morning we had the theory part of the day, followed by a demonstration, where Nelly had a model and she explained everything she’s doing in order for us to find our own way to recreate the same look. After the lunch break we had the part where we tried to create what she did in the demo. If you think about attending the course you have 2 options: either you will practice on one of your colleagues, either you will pay for your own model, which I did myself and it was really worth the money because you have a lot of time to practice, to play with the face forms and so on. In a way or another you see how it is to “work with a model”. For me, the experience was fantastic. Nelly made sure I got to have an asian girl, a darker skin one (which was a new thing for me because I could learn how to apply makeup on suck a skin as it is so different than a white one) and finally I had this very white skin Romanian girl (what a coincidence I am Romanian too)… so mostly… I went through all of them and to be honest, I was afraid at the beginning with every girl I had as a model, because every day I got to have another face, another skin tone and so on. The workshop also has a gorgeous photoshoot corner where I took a lot of photos of my models.

Another very important aspect is that the course was in German language, but Nelly told me she will try to bring some good names to her workshop for some masterclasses, so guys, I will keep you up-to-date. Of course she is offering private makeup lessons, and if I am not wrong she speaks about 5 languages: German, English, Romanian, Russian and Spanish, so I think one will match yours for sure. 

I really think that attending this course was the best investment and I am looking forward to returning to this school for further new makeup lessons, so if you want to book a course at Makeup Atelier Paris Germany or you are interested to know more you can click here.

I hope you found my post very interesting and useful and if you have further questions you can fill in the field bellow.

Till next time… feel beautiful.

With love, Otilia.