Hey girls!

Welcome back. Today I’m gonna write a little about the mineral makeup. I must be honest and say that I never used this type of makeup before and that I am very happy that I did it now.

First, I wanna present you the box and its contents and after that, I will discuss more about the coverage and resistance (because I know that all of you guys wanna now how this type of makeup goes over the day)

The kit contains 8 products:

  1. Primar – Prime Time (15 ml)
  2. Foundation – bareMinerals Original SPF 15 (medium beige N20), 2g
  3. Contour – bareMinerals All-Over Face Colour (warmth), 2g
  4. Setting powder – bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil, 2g
  5. Full Flawless Face Brush
  6. Flawless Face Brush
  7. Max Coverage Concealer Brush
  8. Get started DVD
bare Minerals kit open boxbare Minerals kit open box

So, I will present you the most important products from the kit: the primer, the foundation powder, the contour powder, the set powder and the brushes.

1. I will first start with the primer, which I think is a product that matches perfectly the other products that come with the box, it has quite a “gelly” consistence; I can apply it very easily and don’t need a big amount of product. I found this primer very similar with the “Lancome La Base Pro” which is my favourite one. TIP: after you apply your base, just leave it rest a little (30 sec)

2. The bareMinerals Original SPF 15 foundation is having a very light and “dusty” consistency and does a very good job for covering the redness or simply for giving you the smooth look that you may need during the day. Of course it will not be enough in case you have acne problems or when you wanna cover something very visible, but in case you have a spot that you wanna hide, simply apply first a concealer and then the foundation. That will help you solve the problem. To apply this product I use the Full Flawless Face Brush

The feeling: is a very comfortable one, like I’m not having any kind of product on my skin, it’s something like you can’t feel at all but you know it’s there, because you can see your skin very smooth and you feel like: READY TO GO!

3. The bareMinerals All-Over Face Color contour is having exactly the same consistency like the foundation but comes in a quite dark colour. Because it’s a very dusty product, it’s very easy to apply it very fast. I really recommend it for the persons that use contour every day (thing that I don’t usually do), because it has a very natural look and at the same time it’s a very comfortable product. I apply this product with the Flawless Face Brush from the same kit.

4. The bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil setting powder is a very soft and dusty product that will set all your makeup in place. It is very important to apply it after you are finished with the foundation and contouring part. TIP: use the setting powder only in the areas that you need. When using only mineral makeup, you don’t need to apply the setting powder on all your face because you don’t have any liquid makeup on. So be sure you cover only the oily parts of your skin. To apply this makeup I am always using the same brush that I used for foundation, the Full Flawless Face Brush from the kit.

The brushes bristles are made from goat hair and only the concealer one has synthetic bristles. The brushes are not the best brushes that I’ve tried so far but not the worse ones either. I am using them, and I find them very let’s say interesting, but I must say they are NOT soft brushes, and if I would think to buy new brushes I would definitely not be getting any of these ones. So on the topic “price based on quality” I would definitely say NO!!!

As a conclusion, since I’ve got this box, I prefer to use mineral makeup for day wear because It’s much more simple to apply it in the morning, it’s a very “healthy” way to treat your skin during a long day, it has a very natural looking but at the same time a very professional look which makes me feel very comfortable and confident. So YES! I really recommend this type of makeup.

So guys, that was all with my review about mineral makeup. I hope you find this post very useful. Thank you and I’ll see you next time.


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