Who I am ?

My name is Otilia and I have a long story to tell but I am going to fly trough everything very quickly. I was born in Romania and I grew up in a very nice city in Transylvania, named Oradea. Since I was a child, I started playing with my mother’s lipsticks, blushes, and pencils being very fascinated about the way that these small things could change a person so much. I think that what I was in loved with were simply ‘colors’ and ‘shapes’.

So here I go starting talking about myself and yes… I am a very ‘colored’ person. I love life, love to travel, to see different cultures (that’s why at 20 years old I moved to Dublin-Ireland to live one of the most incredible experience of my life, and now I am actually living in Berlin-Germany, and I really love this city).

Before taking the decision of starting doing make-up (in which my beloved husband has a huge role) I was a sales assistant in a jewelry company from Romania and then in Dublin… amazing times. My purpose with this website is to make people be much more confident with their look, to feel much more beautiful but never to forget that the beauty is inside us.

I hope that my work will inspire you not only to be a beautiful person but also to be a better person each day. Do not forget to smile, because that is what makes you truly beautiful, make-up is only a plus.